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Magida Al-Toukhi (General Manager)

Magida Al-Toukhi a talented interior designer with over 15years experience with both small and big projects, renovations and new construction. Her work includes residential, commercial, and corporate interiors. Her work has been awarded and featured in many renowned magazines.

When it comes to design, she combines passion and professionalism. Due to her knowledge of different cultures in art, photography, and furnishing, she knows where exactly to source it all. Her designs are creative and unique. Her style is eclectic, beautiful, functional, comfortable and seemingly effortless. She pays particular attention to details; she listens intently to clients’ needs, and reflects their needs, personality and lifestyle. Her approach is reflected in her company’s values, vision, and mission.


When you look through her portfolio, you discover many different styles and tastes. That is because each project is designed exclusively with the client in mind to create a place that is uniquely his/hers.  Every design project suits its owner perfectly, yet with more style incorporated than anyone would ordinary feel comfortable pulling together on his/her own. This becomes the WOW factor every client is ultimately looking for!


And as she always notes: “When you love what you do it shows”.

Message to Staff

People are what make this company great. Every team member here at DASAR is an asset to the company. Your professionalism is at our core.

“First Impressions Last” and sometimes they are the only impressions you will have the chance to give. So do everything you can to ensure that your first impressions are positive, be professional in how you appear, what you do and what you say and that will end up being a lasting positive impression.